Project Team


The Orange Office Park Project investor is East-West Development Office sp. z o.o. - the SPV controlled by the Luxembourg holding that is active in the real estate development industry in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Poland.


Project was created in cooperation with Mc Real Property company, based in Cracow, in charge of investment management.

Theodor Jongen is the main founder of the SPV with his family and Mc Real Property company.


The group of companies controlled by Theodor Jongen has been present in Poland since 2005. It has been involved in the preparation of such projects as the shopping mall in Kielce (Galeria Korona), the residential community in the suburbs of Poznan (Biedrusko), and the single-family house community in Bibice on the outskirts of Kraków.Mc Real Property company was founded by Piotr Miklaszewski, dealing with development projects since 1997.


Mc Real Property is managing Theodor Jongen companies from the beginning of their presence in Poland.


Group Track Record


inwestor1Office building in Amsterdam – Multi-tenant office building with 2.186 m2 in Amsterdam. inwestor2Office building in Gronningen – 3.900 m2 multi-tenant office building located in Groninigen. inwestor3Office building in Amersfoort – A cozy, 1575 m2 office building located in the city of Amersfoort. inwestor4Mixed use development in Herentals, use complex consists of the 4.400 m2 multi-tenant office building, 8.140 m2 warehouse/logistic building and 1.250 m2 restaurant and seminar facilities.

Theodoor Jongen


inwestor0The president of the board Theodoor Jongen, is an architect by training. He has run a successful architectural practice for 25 years and has designed many commercial buildings (office, retail, and logistics) constructed throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Aside from his business activities, Theodoor Jongen is an art connoisseur and collector – he established and ran the AAArtfoundation in Kitzbühel in the Austrian Alps.
In Poland East-West Development Office company is supported by MC Real Property firm. MC Real Property is owned by Piotr Miklaszewski, lawyer and property manager, who is involved in developing commercial projects since 1997.